Nick Mancini

vibraphonist • composer • arranger • educator

This is the first record I made upon moving to LA. I realize now just how spoiled I was. This was my regular working band. Otmaro Ruiz on piano, Dan Lutz on bass, and Nate Wood on drums. I got the call, on a Sunday, from an engineer friend that the studio was going to be dark on Monday. We brought the band in and recorded 6 songs in as many hours. No pre-production. No second guessing. No Hesitation. Just ... NOW.

Nick Mancini - vibes (all tracks) compositions (tracks 1, 2, 3 & 6)

Otmaro Ruiz - piano (all tracks)

Dan Lutz - bass (all tracks)

Nate Wood - drums (all tracks)


Recorded at: NRG Studios in North Hollywood

Mixed and Mastered by: Jimmy Branly

Photos and Layout by: Jay Matsueda