Nick Mancini

vibraphonist • composer • arranger • educator

This record could not have been more aptly named. Not only does it describe the nature of pretty much all of my actions (both on and off stage) but it also describes the nature with which the entire project came to be. For instance, the night before the session I wrote 2 originals and 6 arrangements. 3 weeks before the record was to be released, I began the post-production and artwork. A month before Brian Charette (the organist) was coming through LA, I decided to book the three shows that culminated the tour, and a week prior to this show, I decided to remix and remaster the project. I am the poster child for the saying, “If it were not for the last minute, nothing would get done.

Nick Mancini - vibes (all tracks) marimba (tracks 3 & 7) compositions (tracks 1 & 8) additional percussion (track 2)

Brian Charette - Hammond B3 organ (all tracks)

Andy Sanesi - drums (all tracks)

Grethel Bonilla - guitar (track 1)

Pete Korpela - percussion (track 2)

Dave Wood - guitar (track 4)

Rumi - flutes (track 5)


Recorded at: Master Recording Studios, Santa Ana CA

Engineered by: Tony Guerrero

Re-mixed and Re-mastered by: Ethan Carlson

Artwork by: Adam Villanueva

Design and Layout by: Jay Matsueda